Meat Marinade Injector

Product Description

The secret to creating flavoursome mouthwatering feasts every time!

Stainless Steel Meat Marinade Injector by Twisted Chef

The Twisted Chef Stainless Steel Seasoning Injector has a large 2-oz barrel capacity and comes with 2 x 6″ Stainless Steel Needles: 1 for Liquid Marinade & 1 for Minced Marinade. Durable and sharp, the needles puncture any meat or poultry with ease, ensuring you can enhance the flavor of all cuts, no matter how thick or tough!

The needle with the holes on the side is perfect for injecting liquid seasoning or brine and the other needle with the larger hole at the end is ideal for injecting thicker minced marinades.

No more waiting hours for your favourite cut to soak in a marinade only to find that the centre still tastes bland! Impress your friends and family by creating amazing juicy dishes by injecting your favourite marinades, spices, wine or even liquor



* Made from premium quality food grade 304 stainless steel

* Large 2 ounce capacity – perfect size for marinading brisket, pork and poultry

* 2 x 6″ needles to penetrate marinade deep into any meat

* 3 finger hole syringe makes it super easy to control marinade injection

* Removable lid for super easy refilling

* Easy to clean and dishwasher safe making clean up a breeze

* Free silicone basting brush included for seasoning the surface

* Free lifetime guarantee

TOP TIP – Remember to prime your injector before use using a drop of vegetable oil!

Why settle for bland tasting under seasoned meat? Bring every bite to life, not just the outer layers!

With Twisted Chef’s hassle free lifetime guarantee why not try our seasoning injector completely risk free and let us know what you think!




Click here to download theMeat-Injector-Pre-use-Instructions



  • REDUCE WASTE AND SAVE MONEY – Stop making excess marinade only to throw it away – Inject it direct
  • NO MORE DRY TASTELESS MEAT – Become a legend amongst friends by creating mouthwateringly moist meat
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA- This premium stainless steel meat injector makes the ideal gift for any occasion
  • FREE BASTING BRUSH – Baste your brisket, pork, lamb and poultry to enhance the flavour further
  • HASSEL FREE LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Try it yourself completely risk Free and tell us what you think!

Free Lifetime Guarantee! – Only when purchased directly from TWISTED CHEF – This Meat Injector is designed to last and so we offer an unbeatable lifetime guarantee, if you are not 100% satisfied, get your money back! – Never buy another Meat Injector again!


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