How do you like your meat cooked?

HANDY TOUCH TEST FOR MEAT! Here is a quick and simple guideline to how well done your meat is Press the thickest part of your meat with your fingertip and compare to the following 4 pictures (the softer the meat is, the rarer it is).   1.  Rare, have your thumb touching your index finger […]

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Now, we all like a good rub!!

Sometimes, plain old steak, just will not do (said me – never).  So,  why not try some of our rub ideas to spice up your meat? Spicy Barbeque Rub This is perfect with all meats, and the aroma it gives off is just amazing! 2 teaspoons of:- dried chilli flakes, paprika, caster sugar, light brown […]

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Available now! Dehydrator Sheets

Dehydrating food is becoming increasingly popular whether its to reduce waste, save space or even save money. Here at Twisted Chef we have developed our very own line of Non-Stick Dehydrator Sheets to line the trays of your dehydrator to help keep them clean and make clean up a breeze! Available to order now through […]

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What marinades do you use?

We are looking to put some marinade recipes on our website, what would you like to see? Do you have a favourite that you purchase from your local store and wish you could make it yourself, or simply looking for some inspiration.  Do tell! One of our favourite marinades is Honey and Lime for Barbequed […]

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Twisted Chef Chicken Tikka

Serves: 6-8 people Ingredients 800 g Boneless Chicken Fillets 1 lemon 1 pinch of salt 3 tbsp Tikka Paste 3 tbsp Natural yoghurt ½ tsp ginger (fresh or dried) 1 Clove garlic – finely chopped 1tsp Chilli powder (to taste)   Method Cut the chicken into chunks, score and place in a bowl.  Add the […]

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Twisted Chef Cooked Breakfast

Ever been on a camping trip and fancied a cooked breakfast but only had a portable BBQ with you? Well now you can using our Twisted Chef Grill Mat!! You can cook anything you like using our mats, a few suggestions are Bacon Sausage Hash Brown Mushrooms Tomatoes Scrambled egg Frled egg (we use a […]

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Twisted Chef Chinese Spiced Chicken

Ingredients 16 Chicken pieces of your choice  (skin on and on bone) 4 tbsp oil 5 garlic cloves, finely chopped finger-length piece fresh root ginger, grated 4/5 tbsp light soy sauce 4 /5tbsp clear honey 4/5tbsp  rice wine (dry sherry is a good alternative) 4 /5tsp five spice powder   Method In a bowl, mix […]

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