Twisted Chef Limited is a family run business, which was started in June 2014

It all started after we had been enjoying one of our gatherings with family and friends.  I was of course ‘head of the grill’ that day and although I had always cooked a variety of foods on the grill, I started wondering whether there were things that could help me cook amazing food, with better results.  Anyone that knows me, will tell you that perfection is my thing!  If I’m going to do something, then it has to be the best, 100% input for amazing results.

So, that’s when I started to look at finding those products that could assist me.  I found products on the market but I was never happy with the quality of them or questioned their ability to last, (remember the perfectionist thing?) so I looked into producing  my own!  The simple solution hey?  So now you know how it all began.

We will continue to keep our customers happy and gather information, ideas and future products here on our website, so please, keep popping back for updates and remember  ‘your happiness is our success’!

Who are we?

We are people who are passionate about grilling top quality food using top quality products.   We are seriously committed to providing high quality products and customer service.

Whether you are at a cookout at a local park, or simply in your back yard with your closest of family, tasty impressive food is what we are all hoping to achieve.  We believe Twisted Chef can help you accomplish just that.

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